SHE WOULD IF SHE COULD I have no idea how this happens.   I've ALWAYS dug twirlin' a woman around. I've been very blessed to have known, and been in love with, some AMAZING Black women.  I cain't deny it.  I've been fortunate.  Either that, or simply blessed. Who the hell knows? No way in the world was I…Read more SHE WOULD IF SHE COULD


Roland Martin's got a very large audience.  There's no doubt about that. I guess his viewers don't care what his role was in getting interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile the boot as a result of the CNN Presidential Town Hall shenanigans.  Or, his shameless plugging for Hillary Clinton throughout the election cycle.  Or, any…Read more YOU DON’T SEND ME FLOWERS EVERY DAY


I never intended to write an article two and three times a week.  I'd much rather gather my thoughts for a spell.  Then, I let it ride. #Election2016 results didn't require that sort of rumination, though.  Everything was happening so quickly and, quite frankly, I didn't pay it much mind --- other than to set…Read more THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION