I just watched The Wizard of Lies on HBO.  For those who may not know, it is the story of Bernie Madoff and his Wall Street maneuverings that landed him 150 years worth of prison time.  I don’t care who directed it, shot it, none of the above.  All I know is the morality play that it became, on film and starring Robert DeNiro, bothered me somehow.

You see, I’d been a banker earlier in my career.  I understand how investors seek to maximize their returns.  I know what it means to be “solvent”, “liquid”, you name it.  What may have bothered me most is that there were ZERO African-American men cast in the 135 minutes that I watched.

Meanwhile, Lebron James is all over the news about an incident outside his Brentwood compound.  You know, not far from where O.J. Simpson used to reside after he retired from the NFL.

Something’s definitely wrong with this picture if that’s all folks have to talk about.  Because you cain’t buy your way out of every situation.  You just cain’t.

Apparently, there are different ways to exhibit wealth while you’re at it.  One is for THEM.  The other is for YOU.

LeBron is from Cleveland.  He may not be old enough to have listened to the mighty, mighty O’Jays.  But, somebody in his family did.

Maybe he needs an uncle or somebody to sit him down and let him know that the game is played on different levels.  Then, again, maybe not.

Bernie Madoff played it in the biggest real estate market in the country.  And, a lot of folks got wealthier because of it.

How does one profit from whatever went down in LA?

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