I don’t recall many Detroiters taking the highway along Route 66.

Of course, I’m sure there were some.  But, it seems to me that most folks took I-75 at some point to get anywhere they were heading that didn’t include Chicago.  Even now, it seems 95 to 85 gets me directed to where I have to be in any 16-hour stretch.  And, I never get to really stop in South Carolina for any real length of time.  

Now, just imagine if you had to plan your trip Down South by your handy Green Book.  Would you be cool with it?  I can tell you first-hand that I would probably rely on it to this very day.

Why?  Wait until you get past Washington, D.C. and you want to book a room somewhere in Southern Virginia.

At night.

Oh, they’ll put you up.  They’ll even serve you biscuits and bacon in the morning at the restaurant right around the corner and whatnot.  But, they don’t do the whole Southern Hospitality bit anymore.

And, they do NOT play when it comes to what they believe, how they believe, and you chattin’ up the red-haired young woman behind the counter ringin’ up the bill.

In her li’l denim shorts.

Other than that, the only thangs you’ve got to watch out for is the South Carolina State police and the occasional 8-point buck crossing the road at 3 a.m.

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