I don’t believe I’ve ever met a Bethune-Cookman grad.  

In fact, I haven’t met many Black folks from Florida.  Of course, Detroit’s Cass Tech High School served as a veritable pipeline for Florida A&M.  But, I just kind of heard of Bethune-Cookman because legendary former Howard University Track Coach Bill Moultrie used to talk about “Bethune”.

I knew civil rights advocate Mary McLeod Bethune had spent her life fundraising on behalf of the institution.  And, I’m sure she had some very tight relationships with enormously wealthy benefactors out of Central Florida.  No doubt she had some out of the state capitol in Tallahassee.  Or, B-CC never would’ve gotten built in the first place.

That brings me to United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.  The DeVos name carries a lot of weight in Florida.  These folks are all about a national charter system and even has the University of Central Florida Sports Management program under its umbrella.  So if a Bethune undergrad is interested in pursuing a career in sports via the UCF graduate program, that might be problematic.  If the hospitality and tourism industry is a career goal, Walt Disney World might be looking elsewhere.  Want to get involved with the Daytona 500?  Think again.

Yes, it makes headlines to run somebody off the B-CC commencement stage in the name of #STAYWOKE.  You just have to know who owns the venue.

Otherwise, they’ll have you in the kitchen cookin’ for ’em.

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