I’ve just heard some of the wildest church drama that I could ever imagine.  

And, these are the same folks that the Democratic party is trying to re-boot for 2020 with the Maxine Waterses and the Elizabeth Warrens?  When you start giving people titles like “Bishop”, it already sends a message that there is a level of omnipotence that goes along with it.

(Y’all ever heard of Bishop Don Magic Juan?)

I don’t attend church, per se.  Although, I do enjoy a good sermon from time to time.  But, my entire being does not revolve around what’s going on within its walls.  Because it’s just like any other social club, fraternal organization, you follow me?

Then, WHY would you invest in that type of thang when the man standing in front of the house puts his pants on just like YOU do?

I got bills to pay, too.

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