Lately, I’ve been catching parts of a particular ad campaign all over television.  I hadn’t been paying it much mind.  But, as the great Buck O’Neil used to say, “You ALWAYS make time for a lady in a red dress.”     

So, I did.  I got over the meaning embedded in the original lyrics of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” and put the TV on mute.  

Got to looking very closely and started viewing the optics in a different light.  First, I didn’t know that the  woman starring in the spot was a sister — until further examination.  Secondly, what I had missed during the many times that I’d half-seen the commercial was the messaging underneath.  This sister ain’t in the corporate suite nowhere.  She works in an administrative pool at some firm.

And, that ain’t but an elevator ride a few floors above the brothers in the mail room.  Irrespective of what’s happening at ESPN, a dead-end job is a dead-end job.

That’s why they’ve got superfine Micah Leonard telling OTHER sisters that Avon is recruiting.  Left and right.  Just like this sister’s swaying hips when she decides it’s time to do her OWN thang.

Why did I miss it in the first place?  I wasn’t the target.  Plus, the cut above ain’t the same one as they run in the New York market.

Ms. Leonard is definitely “That Girl” for the role, though.

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