I got a call yesterday afternoon from my man Tony McClean at BASN Newsroom about a story he’d read on one of the corporate platforms on Monday night.

Apparently, the article centered on Pittsburgh Pirates superstar Andrew McCutchen and his future in The Steel City.  I don’t read the particular national publication that McClean attributed.  So, I didn’t have much to add to the conversation.  I still got McClean’s point:  Maybe the Pirates front office is leaking stories to the national press to grease the skids for a less-than-momentous departure for the young brother.

Just as I asked McClean about McCutchen’s contract status, we had to interrupt the call.  Not five minutes later, I see this tweet from Maury Brown of BizBall:

What McClean was talking to me about was the double standard that Black ballplayers constantly face by national writers who do not see the little things that brothers do to win games.  Even when their bats are frustratingly cold.  Because they don’t cover the local players.

I got all that.

But, ain’t it ironic that the Pirates moved Andrew McCutchen to rightfield this season to make room for Starling Marte in center because their defensive metrics suggested it?

That’s not the double standard for me, though.

Lo and behold, I tuned into a re-airing of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel late last night.  It’s Ep. 240 and originally dropped in March.  The final segment was on former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Rick Ankiel, the mental trials and tribulations that led him to re-invent himself as a Major League outfielder, and, of course, to promote his new book “The Phenomenon: Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life”.  

You know they do it right on HBO.  Yet, not one word was uttered about Ankiel’s connection to performance enhancing drugs.  Not one.

BTW, I haven’t seen one word from the MLBPA on the Starling Marte 80-game suspension, either.

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