TODAY is my sister’s birthday, America. bdaycake

It’s been a hectic week and I had to rush to the bank first thang this a.m. just to cover.  So, I texted my sister this morning wishing her a happy birthday.  (On top of that, today would have been GrandDad’s 100th as well.)  All this is swirling around in my frontal lobe as I’m trying to close a deal by 10 a.m. on the roof above my head.   And, it’s off to the contract attorney and to hit these errands that ain’t going no damn where unless I do ’em.

Like the  Black-owned barbershop, the cleaners, the groceries, etc.

Barber’s not open at 8:15 a.m.  Now, this is twice in ’17 that I hit him up on a Friday morning to no avail.  However, my Korean cleaners wants to thank me, with a swath of Kente cloth in my laundry bag, for allowing her to hold my Tailor-Made shirts for 33 days.  Without selling ’em beyond the 30-day responsibility waiver window, of course.  Either that, or because I’m one of the few Black folks that they bother to serve.  cleaners

One of the two.  Reasoning is debatable, here.

At the top of mind, though, is THIS is my sister’s birthday.  Yet, my banker informs me that they don’t have any thousand dollar bills or five-hundred dollar bills. (I’ll take all hundreds, please.)  Then, I run into the legendary Dionne Warwick across the street from my preferred grocer.  I’ve got three bags in one hand and a medium Hazelnut Coffee Regular from a franchised, owned AND operated joint in the other.

To make a long story short, I knew Ma had everything that Ms. Warwick had ever cut.  What I didn’t know was my sister also caught that wonderful Ms. D. bug as well.  I probably should’ve guessed because my sister is damn near Ma’s twin.  Or, maybe, I simply forgot.  Shit happens.  Hell, I’m old enough for ALL this goes down and whatnot.

Nevertheless, here’s to you, My Dear Sister:

I, personally, ain’t in no shape to direct folks nowhere around San Jose and so forth.  But, I DAMN sure know my way home.

I love you and ALWAYS will,

Yo’ Brutha!

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