moscowI haven’t been really paying much attention to what’s going on out of Russia.

First, nobody’s talking about how CNN, former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile, and TV One’s Roland Martin tried  to influence the democratic process (on behalf of Hillary Clinton) during the presidential election here in the United States.  Nobody’s really going underneath all this speechifiying  by the very same folks who legislate and execute policies that adversely impact your wallets, either.

All I know is the wagons are being circled to identify potential front-runners for the next presidential slate on the Democratic side.  And, if you think there is a U.S. Senator that doesn’t get his/her groove on in 5-star hotels, you’ve never been on Capitol Hill.


Or, anywhere else in the Nation’s Capital.  Because there was a time when all a man had to do was head toward 14th Street and get exactly the type of service his money would allow.

Some folks just have much deeper pockets than others.  And, everybody’s watching.  So, if you’re worth billions….

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