The last time I saw the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fences on a Broadway stage, Tony Award-winning Ruben Santiago-Hudson played leading man (and fictional former Negro Leaguer) Troy Maxson.  And, he performed his ass off in the role.

Now, it’s Hollywood’s turn to try to hit one out the park with just one of the ten masterpieces written by the great August Wilson.  On the big screen.   Hell, y’all already know who’s starring in it.  No need to get into that here.

I WILL tell you this, though.  I re-read the 101 pages of script in the paperback to refresh my mind’s eye. I could, then, so clearly envision every single line as if I were standing stage right on that very rehearsal set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Hill District, itself.  fences

I laughed at ’em.  I repeated some of ’em aloud when nobody else was around.  But, as I read pages 98-101 to close the book, tears started flowing from my grown ass Black Man‘s eyes.

Which begs the prompt:  If August Wilson’s dialogue is edited in any way to attract a wider audience appeal (hint, hint) at the box office, does that make the potentially blockbusting film less than authentic?

That’s up to you, come Christmas Sunday.

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