I spent 4 hours in a snow-covered New York City listening to a Pacifica Radio compilation on legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, courtesy of my main man Bijan Bayne.

What I DIDN’T know was that Hendrix cut a track w/ The Last Poets called Doriella Du Fontaine.  And, I can only imagine what the scenery would be like in today’s video-driven world.

That notwithstanding, we can work with stills.DO NOT DELETE OR PURGE FROM MERLIN courtesy Everett Collection Mandatory Credit: Photo By MARC SHARRAT / Rex Features, courtesy Everett Collection THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE VARIOUS - 1967 PERFORMING MARQUEE CLUB, LONDON - 02 MAR 1967 16987j He is playing a The 1965 Fender Stratocaster sunburst red/yellow without a whammy - bar and no sustainable pedals. this guitar was set on fire in LONDON in a concert at Finsbury Astoria in north London on March 31st, 1967 . This photo was taken 29 days before he smashed this guitar.

I can guarantee there was some #BlackGold in that bad boy somewhere.

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