screenshot_2016-12-15-20-48-07The verdict in United States v. Dylan Roof didn’t surprise me.  Not after I learned that victims’ families received nearly $30M in federal money as compensation for the Mother Emanuel Massacre in Charleston.

The new optics test that lies before the state of South Carolina is its allegiance to its palmetto-shaded, tourism industry in the eyes of many across the country.   Whether a confederate flag unfurls from the state capitol in Columbia or not, a death penalty hangs in the balance.  Never mind what state and national politicians — like Republican Senator Tim Scott, Democratic Congressman James Clyburn, or even South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison — have to say, either.

You can head south on I-95 at certain times of year and STILL see row after row (and boll after boll) of snow white, upland cotton.


Somebody’s got to pick it.

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