The founder and former CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Bob Johnson, told TV One’s Roland Martin that he “never wanted a job in government”.

I found it rather interesting that Bob Johnson mentioned how he was “a great friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and wanted them to win.”  Yet, never once did he mention President Barack Obama during the entire 22-minute interview.

That got me to wondering what (if, any) engagement Mr. Johnson had with the White House, over the past eight years, as it relates to his proposed RLJ Rule that would require corporations to interview minority candidates for jobs and/or contracting opportunities.  By law.

When the discussion rolled around to how Democrats spent their advertising dollars during the presidential election cycle, I made a note of who the targets mentioned were and what those targets watch.  rlj-stock

Neither had anything to do with me.

It had nothing to do with African-American men at all, as a matter of fact.  As Bob Johnson, indicated his ideology is about making money.

And, more of  it.

I imagine that’s STILL the American way.

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