I have no idea how this happens.   I’ve ALWAYS dug twirlin’ a woman around.

I’ve been very blessed to have known, and been in love with, some AMAZING Black women.  I cain’t deny it.  I’ve been fortunate.  Either that, or simply blessed.

Who the hell knows?

No way in the world was I ever attached to ’em where I knew my vote was in jeopardy, though.  (Not one iota.)  But, I was ALWAYS with her.

That doesn’t require me, as a Black man, to furl up in a ball full of blanket and wait for the sister to feed me, though.

No, sir.  I’ve been doing THIS for years.  Ma can/will testify to every bit of this here.


Here’s the dealio:  Women do what they do.  Ain’t no figthin’ it.  But, a lion does what he does when the lioness dances around his cage.

If you forget THAT, you might as well sign up with CNN or MSNBC.  Either one would be pleased as punch to showcase, yet, another Black contributor three or four times a week.  (Y’all know who these folks are.)  You see who they are.  Don’t buy it?  Take a look at yourself in the mirror when they trot out your presumed media darling(s) to deliver to the archives of the Newseum for the touring crowd.

Then, check out what type of bro. you’re tuning in to — nightly.  And, you’ve got to sleep on what you just heard on-the-air?

Man, please.

Remember when Randy Moss meant something?  Yeah, well, Ma could run a post pattern if you gave her a 3-snap count before the break.  Now, point out whoever’s Mother who can top THAT.

Knows her way around the dance floor, too.  Still.  And, I got one just like her.


Handpicked, if you must know.

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