flintcityMorning, Jiquanda.

Doc Bell forwarded me your MLIVE piece.  As I’m reading it, I’m thinking to myself, “How is it possible that these folks were THAT far off?”

Replacing just one line has to have a cost associated with it.  I don’t know what the average cost per line is in that market.  However, common sense tells me that doubling the total number of expected targets has to be funded somehow.

If Fast Start has completed 500 jobs since March, that’s completing 55 replacements per month.  Ain’t no way in hell they’ll get 1,000 done by the end of the year.  Let alone the 29,100 anytime soon — full or partial.

This quote from Michael McDaniel blew me away, though:

“Given our unwillingness during a city public health emergency to disregard any potential residence that might need a lead-tainted service line replaced, we have assumed a conservative estimate.”

Now, that’s what I call game.

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