ronglassI learned of small screen actor Ron Glass’ passing like most folks on the East Coast — while watching the Patriots-Jets game on Sunday.

As a matter of fact, I saw a few hits on my Twitter and thought to myself, “That’s too bad.  That was my man.”   And, proceeded to go on half-watching the game.  Scrolling through my timeline, I noticed a few more outlets picked up the story and I took a further look.

Maybe it’s just me.  But, it seemed as those each outlet was, essentially, repeating what the others were reporting.  Something along the lines of “most notably featured in the ABC Network’s hit show Barney Miller from the 1970’s…blah blah blah.”   (Apparently, Bro. Glass also appeared on a more recent show whose name is irrelevant to me.)  I could take a look at his credits to extend the list.

I choose not to.  Because if you’re seasoned enough to remember the stylish Detective Ron Harris character at all, then you damn sure recall Ron Glass’ portrayal of the sophisticated Felix Unger along side Demond Wilson’s sportswriting Oscar Madison in The New Odd Couple.

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