Growing up in Detroit guaranteed me three thangs on Thanksgiving Day:

  1.  Plenty of Food (including Honey Baked Ham)
  2.  The J.L. Hudson Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3.  Detroit Lions Football

No matter how cold the world seemed outside your front door, it was always warm around the various tables set up in damn near every room that didn’t occupy a bed.

(No tables in the bedrooms unless they had a board game on it OR a couple of decks of cards.  And, those doors bet NOT be closed!)

Some of y’all remember the first time you got to sit at the Big Table.  Some of y’all remember the women whispering among themselves, “Who brought that STORE-BOUGHT cake?”  Some of y’all might even remember that one time when Grandma had to put her foot in somebody’s ass.  And, of course, everybody in the City of Detroit knows that Thanksgiving Day is the kick-off to the holiday season that lasts through New Year’s Day.

Man, I’ll never forget some of the parties I used to go to the minute my cousin Mickey would say, “Come on, Rob.  My man’s throwin’ something over on the Eastside….”

No matter what you plan on doing today, be sure and call your mother to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.


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