iwo-jima-2When the GOP hoisted its metaphorical flag into the soil of Downtown Detroit over the summer, I couldn’t help but wonder what was behind the symbolism.

Hell, I knew what it meant locally to set up shop at the Fox Theatre.  It meant Keep Your Black Ass Away From ‘Round Here — unless you’re going to a Tigers game.  (Pretty much the same message the Republican Party transmitted when it held its national convention in Downtown Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena.)  What I missed was what Donald Trump was doing behind-the-scenes with his frequent trips back-and-forth to the Motor City.

Not only was the President-elect meeting with the likes of billionaires Dan Gilbert and Roger Penske, he was meeting with Bill Ford and other high-ranking officials at Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers (UAW).  Because, according to this morning’s Wall Street Journal, the country’s top-selling automaker is re-considering how to allocate a $1.6B investment in Mexico, in exchange for keeping an unspecified amount of small-car production in the U.S.


After all, you cain’t really “Make America Great Again” without folks actually making thangs.

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