popeyedoyleThe good folks at Black Athlete Sports Network and I have been hammering out a joint sharing agreement since the summer.  Originally, the thinking was that I have a digital platform to transform their reader experience.  In exchange, they have oodles of content ranging from sports coverage to social commentary.

I’ve known these cats for, at least, 10 years now.   So, it was a no-brainer to selectively attempt the effort to integrate based on our individual core competencies.  Although I knew there used to be a daily, 3-hour radio show in their mix, I’d forgotten Michael-Louis Ingram’s touch as it relates to spinning records.

I was in the middle of a development session yesterday and decided to test the Soul Tree Radio – In The Raw Facebook plug-in on this very site.  Then, I noticed that I could extend the stream.

I see the upturned stingy-brim, first.  And, I say to myself, “THAT’s Thelonius!”

My OWN porkpie is convincingly tilted.

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