I must be missing it, America.

Women and children everywhere seem to be losing their minds in fear of some apocalyptic event.  I don’t know what white men think.  And, I know even less about… well… others and what they think.

Last Wednesday, I was asked my thoughts on Donald Trump presidential election victory.  It was a tough question for me to handle.  Because, no matter how I exercised my right as a registered voter in the State of New Jersey, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote there by nearly 500,000.

Needless to say, there were Anti-Trump protests happening in cities like Detroit.  As I scanned the images from Greektown via Steve Neavling’s Motor City Muckraker, none of these young folks reminded me of me.  Not one of them appeared to be born and raised in Detroit neighborhoods, either.  It had me wondering what else is driving these young folks to march through Downtown Detroit.

With a police escort.

Away from the casinos.

My best guess is, somewhere, their faith in the country is withering.  I bet they were peaceful, though.

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