apocalypseI never intended to write an article two and three times a week.  I’d much rather gather my thoughts for a spell.  Then, I let it ride.

#Election2016 results didn’t require that sort of rumination, though.  Everything was happening so quickly and, quite frankly, I didn’t pay it much mind — other than to set up a Twitter poll that I promised to deliver.  Plus, I knew that many of the cable news outlets were using the coverage to drive eyeballs to a litany of paid and unpaid commentators.  Each pontificating as “experts” on abstract data points that the typical viewer does not grasp at either a macro OR micro level.

It’s gotten to a predictable point with these actors:  They’ll give you great optics and attract potential product purchasers in return.  It’s the American Way in The Age of the Millennial.

The funny thing is many of these same “experts” get their data (and the interpretation of it) from the same source.  And, try like hell to sound intelligent while extrapolating why single white females between the ages of 18-34 that live in Montana probably wouldn’t be voting for Hillary Clinton.  Certainly, it becomes another exercise in articulate Black folks on TV intellectualizing and developing media clips that’ll hit the online services across the country.

All while simple common sense would do.

If their hours of analysis misses the mark, these darlings become rattled and want the world to know how bereft they are.  Because they bought into their own hype and got busted.

vogueI ain’t mad at ’em, per se.  Some of these folks get $2,000 an appearance.  Not to mention any future speaking engagements at whatever liberal university that has a Gender Studies program.  Or, if it REALLY gets good to ’em, they may even be featured in one women’s magazine or another.

What I find troubling is that many of these folks consider themselves to be influencers.  But, which among them had enough integrity to let their audiences know that what was behind the scenes was a house of cards?  What’s worse, in my view, is grown Black men calling every Black radio show today as if their best hound dog died because Hillary Clinton lost the election.  Have these Brothers forgotten what it means to get up in the morning and punch a clock?  Or, have we become a nation where Black men engage in afternoon tea and crumpets?

Neither Hillary Clinton NOR Donald Trump asked me for my vote.  THAT fact was duly noted as I entered the voting booth on November 8th.

For those of you who don’t know, the eve of destruction began the night my wife and I returned from President Obama’s inauguration in January 2008.  It didn’t start at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

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