The entrance to Howard University Hospital in Washington is seen Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)I’ve got no issue with Charles Ellison, Doc.

He seems pretty cool.  And, he gives his commentary a lot of thought.  But, he (and others) are so incestuously invested in Hillary Clinton running the White House that I think they cain’t see the forest for the trees:  What Hillary said back in July is that she gave them all of her work-related email.

Hillary played it off time and time again.  The media kept standing by her because they, too, have a “hedged” bet via social media known as #ImWithHer.

Next, you want to drive Black folks to the polls in undecided places?  Call up Jay-Z and Beyonce’.  That’s right.  The Negro Strategy, under Hillary Clinton and the DNC, is to throw a concert.  Pay ’em to perform a few numbers while you wait to close the show.

Polls show you could use a lift in and around Cleveland?  Get LeBron James on the horn.  Trot his azz out on a stage somewhere.  Instruct him to leave the basketball behind.  Optics and whatnot.

Hell, the DNC might as well have thrown a fish fry.


In the meantime, what the FBI is looking at all the while is Hillary’s personal email.  THAT’s what Hillary doesn’t want exposed.  So, what Charles Ellison and others are missing is a product of what we used to call the ol’ “trickbag”.

Who knows?  If Hillary’s got emails back and forth with her girl Huma Abedin reaffirming their endless love for one another, can this country handle THAT possible “truth”?

Thus, you carefully message on “criminality” and the lack of such as it relates to Hillary’s email.  If that ain’t enough, you point to whatever same-sex marriage law that’s in effect.  Because you cain’t call Hillary’s peccadilloes “criminal” if it’s protected by federal law.

Of course, Debbie Wasserman and Donna Brazile know all about Hillary’s wrath.  Charles Ellison should, too.

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