One of the key elements to delivering for clients is understanding that the client has an idea.

They may or may not have a full vision.  Coaching the client through this process is why they hire you.  If you’re a professional sports fan, it’s like being a GM and making a decision about the on-field manager or coach staffing.  greatleads

You visualize concepts.  Then, you add the pieces to fill in the positions.  To get started, here’s a quick Tailor-Made Media Top 10:

  1.  Are there any third party systems or internal  databases that will be required to integrate with  the website
  2.  Are there any sites that serve as inspiration or        likes the design of?
  3.  Will the client provide us with select personnel    that will serve on focus groups and or user  testers?
  4.  Are you open to Google Analytics for reporting?
  5.  How many articles per month do want?
  6.  How does the client anticipate driving traffic to the site?
  7.  Should this site integrate with any other sites, and if so, what CMS are you currently  using for that?
  8.  What versions of common browsers does the site need to support and does it need to  be functional or fully optimized for older browsers?
  9.  What are the minimum mobile requirements in consideration from a browser and  platform standpoint (iOS, Android, Windows), browser versions etc.?
  10.  Does this scope of work include naming and branding the site? If so, please specify  the deliverables needed, i.e. name, logo, boilerplate, and other branding applications.

With just that bit of information, you can get a read on which pitch to start crafting.

Stay Tuned….

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